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Shackle Flip Question

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Was wondering if there was a kit to do a shackle flip on a 2004 dakota 4x4? Ive been looking all over the interweb and seen stuff but nothing for the dakota (Mostly Chevy trucks). Ive been wanting to do at least a two inch lift on my truck. I know that you can do a body lift (not going to do that) and/or using blocks on the rear axle and torsion keys. For the tosion keys ive been looking at MAXXCam Dakota Cam 1"-2" Front Leveling Kit (SMX-RMCJR) :: SuspensionMAXX this product. For the rear shackle it seems like I'll have to have a fabricator make something for me? Don't know if anyone has any info about this please let me know.
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