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2002 Dakota 5.9 150,XXX

Monday I was driving home in houston traffic when suddenly it seemed like someone flipped the light switch on my truck and turned it back on. The radio went to AM. Happened 3 times on the way home. Off then immediately back on. once was @ 20 mph, 2 were 40+mph. I got home, changed for school, went to class with no problems.

Tuesday: To school twice and gym in between no problems. probably 30 miles. I go to pick my buddy up later that night and as im pulling up it shut off. Did not kick back on like it did before. I got out, popped the hood, moved the battery wires just screwing around in confusion. Got in an started up. Drove another 20 miles no problem.

Wednesday: 1 hour drive to work, no problems.

Recent work: 2 weeks ago, blew the bearings in the idler pulley and shredded the belt. took 2 minutes to pull over.
Past Sunday, I put in 3/4 bottle of Seafoam cleaner into 3/4 tank because it wouldn't idle properly and was bogging down. Cleaned off a bunch of corrosion from battery terminals. Also, I am due for an oil change(3800 miles) just haven't made had time due to work and college finals. Changing it tomorrow.

Total: 4 random shut offs(like someone flipping the light switch on and off) that kicked back on. Last week was bogging down and wouldnt idle cold.

Any ideas? I've looked it up on google but only found 2 tahoes that were doing it and replaced crankcase positioning sensor.
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