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My 1998 SLT 3.9 has started to do two things:

1. Driving along you push the gas pedal and it “stumbles.” It will recover but often with a single loud backfire.

2. Now it is constantly stalling. It stalls while idling and it stalls while moving. The engine cranks without a problem but will not immediately start. After waiting for several minutes, it will turnover but then quickly stalls.

Recently both O2 sensors were replaced. I’ve heard only Dodge/Chrysler brand products work well or have a long life. True?
I’m presuming this is a fuel system problem? I do know the previous owner had the gas tank and the rest of the fuel system (supposedly) thoroughly cleaned. (Would have replaced the gas tank entirely but purportedly they are NLA.) On an ongoing basis would a fuel system additive like Seafoam help to keep this from repeating? If so, which would you recommend?

Lastly, if you have replaced the gas tank on your 1998 (or same era 3.9L) Dakota, where did you get the replacement tank from?
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