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Whats up everyone, i have a 2000 with the 3.9l 6cyl. When i purchased the truck a new alternator was installed and it was working fine for a bit then one day i smelt plastic burning when i went to look i found there fuse box plastic was starting to melt, i tried testing the alternator and was getting crazy spike in voltage which lead me to believe the voltage regulator has gone, this one is built into the PCM. then the alternator stopped charging completely. Now i find when the car is slammed to the floor ( its on Air bags) it turns over with a full battery but will not stay on until i lift it up a few inches. When dropped on the ground it sits on a custom built rackinpinion the oil pan is less then an inch off the floor. So im thinking i might have a ground problem some were. Then recently the truck has started to not turn off when i take the key out i have to close the door and then pull the lever and it turns off, also even with the key out the dash board flashes on and off, A lot has happened this last year and im still waiting for my garage door to be installed so i can pull her in so i am forced to keep moving here spot to spot on the street to avoid being ticketed, but i would like to get some ideas and feed back so when i start working on it again i have a place to start.
Issues i Believe i am having:
Possible Bad Ground
Pinched wire or Harness

Any advice or info is welcome.
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