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Good Afternoon/Good Evening/Good Morning,... depending on what time of the day y'all are reading this,.....


Cindy's (my lovely wife), has a 2004 Dakota Quad cab w/ the Infinity system in it.

We bought the truck used - so we are the 3rd or 4th owner??

Anyway ~ The speakers - all six (6) of them sound all fuzzy, like they are blown, kaput, fried, etc., etc.,.....

So I bought the correct size door speakers - triaxial speakers - a set for the front doors & a set for the rear doors - I did not purchase any replacement tweeters as of yet.

Whilst going thru my sea chest, I found my Blaupunkt Miami CD 127, receiver/cd player

This is a single din?? radio

My question for the esteemed panel, is what I need to do to install this radio in her truck - connecting it up to the infinity amplifier that is already in place from the factory,.....

I have to order a new wiring harness for the radio ($10.00) & since it has a built in aux. pigtail, I can order a Bluetooth adapter for it for about $40.00.

This (in theory) should give her truck a nice system fo little money out of pocket (which is good cause we are on a fishing line budget)

Any thoughts, ideas, additional things I need to requisition, special way to wire the radio up???

Please let me know, I have to make sure this install looks as factory as possible, as it is the wife's truck,......

Thank you in advance for all of y'all's help

Very Respectfully,

J. Gary Bodnar

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I'd run new speaker wiring and drop the Infinity system.

Jeremy Schrag has a nice write up on the Infinity amps over on AllPar.COM .

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