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Swapping Radio for Bluetooth or Aux Cord

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Have 2003 Dakota with original radio and CD Player. I want the ability to connect my iPhone to the speakers but want to keep the original look of the stock radio (not an aftermarket head unit). I'm thinking changing out existing radio and replacing with:
  1. Stock radio that has tape deck
  2. Aftermarket (but stock looking) radio with Bluetooth capability
  3. Aftermarket (but stock looking) radio with Auxiliary cord input
Does anyone has experience with this and have any recommendations?
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Do an online search, there is a company that sells factory radios with the added aux input, they modify them. I believe they take your radio for a core credit. I've seen my 2003 Dakota radio ( 5 CDs integrated, no cassette) on their website. Good luck!
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I essentially had your same radio Buy an FM, transmitter. Yout phone Bluetooths to the FM transmitter. The FM transmitter broadcasts at a frequency that you select which you radio picks up as station. It works slick. I can play Spotify when I want to or use the SD chip inside the FM transmitter or I can listen to the radio, cassette or cd that I have. They are less than $30
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