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So with my new AEM X Series Wideband controller kit joining my projects life I went ahead and made the mistake of dropping my catalytic converters down on the ground which after 15 years of being beaten on and daily driven was an ordeal but my truck is usually pretty forgiving to me. I had always really had CAT issues because I've suffered from a p0420 or something there other pretty much since I bought my truck so I had spark plug fowlers on my drivers side down stream sensor. Which of course tore apart like tin foil when I tried to remove them 20k KM later. Gotta love living in the rust belt, anything that isn't painted or steel just doesn't survive. I than of course did the most professional exhaust job I could and proceeded to punch out all of the catalyst because I'm too cheap to actually straight pipe it or design another down and cross pipe yet

This one was honestly a complete shit show and took 10x longer than planned but probably the best thing I can do to this truck until I get to dealing with the rest of the exhaust later or looking at designing and fabbing some long tube headers. I've disabled both my down stream O2 sensors in my tune so far and have turned off any limp mode related to my CAT's and plan on throwing a much richer tune which some spicey timing at this 3.7L Magnum very soon.

What did I learn? take this all with a grain of salt because my truck is a rusty POS.
  • The bolts on the exhaust flanges aren't captive and are actually just square stock tapped with square washer.
  • Buy a new exhaust clamp, trust me it won't look the same after it comes off.
  • NEVER use plug fowlers in your exhaust (you dummy) zip tie them to the frame and get plugs.
  • You can get the passengers up stream with a crows foot if you go between the trans and frame from the front while the exhaust is on the truck (It's not fun but possible)
  • One of the driver exhaust flange bolts is close enough to ground out your 13mm to your starter solenoid, disconnect your batter (Learned that the scary way ofc)
I have some pictures but they are on my currently dead laptop, stay tuned.
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