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Thrush Welded Muffler 17650

Put this muffler on in May and has so far been pretty decent. It's a bit 'dry' sounding, not as throaty as a Magnaflow or Flowmaster, but for the price it's a good muffler. Gives a nice sound when getting on it and letting off the throttle at higher RPM gives a nice burble on the way down.

My exhaust system consists of factory manifolds, factory Y-pipe, no cat, side exit exhaust before the rear tire.

I hung the muffler quickly (which can plainly be seen), the piping is clamped together. A more professional job will be done when the headers and new Y-pipe is purchased. The system will be welded from the Y-pipe back in the same configuration, maybe with provisions for swapping out mufflers from Thrush to Magnaflow in the future.

For now, this setup will be fine; deep tone at idle, a bit obnoxious at WOT, typical drone for manifold back exhaust with no cat.
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