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I bought a 2006 Dakota 4x4 with a 4.7 from a guy. I think I either got a really great deal or just a nice truck, once it's fixed. He rebuilt the engine, as well as replaced both heads, and put it back together. And after driving it 100 miles, something happened and it suddenly ran extremely rough and down on power. I paid 1750 for it in the hopes it was something simple, but ok without putting an engine into it if that's what it needs.
I suspected that he forgot to pull the grenade pin from the timing chain tensioner, which allowed the chain to jump time, which caused the problem. I have nothing to base that on besides the knowledge that he pulled it apart, and the grenade pin is an easy mistake to make I'll be firing it up this weekend to see what I've gotten myself into.

So, my question is this.

How possible is it that I'm right, that he forgot the grenade pin, and it DID jump time but DIDN'T do any damage? Is it even possible on this engine to be a tooth off on the cam timing and the valves and pistons not bump nasties? That's my prayer, that I can just reset the valve timing and call it a day. What say you? I've never worked on this engine so I have no idea how tight things are.
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