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Hey guys! I've gotten alot of great info here, you guys are awesome! But I have come across a situation that I have not found a definitive answer to

I have an 03 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6, 2 wheel drive. My transmission has completely crapped out on me and is currently just sitting. PO ran transmission without any fluid, and killed it. It's a 42RE automatic transmission.

Instead of spending the 2 grand on getting it rebuilt, I have the opportunity to grab a transmission from a 03 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 4X4 42RE automatic with only 30k miles.

Besides the obvious of it being 4X4 and my truck is 2WD.

Has anyone ever, removed the transfer case from a 4X4 transmission, removed the tail cone from their 2WD transmission and mated the 2 together?

The one I'm looking at isn't coming with the transfer case (but figured I'd ask if someone has done this with one anyway)

If so, what is involved with it? Are output/ input (always get confused which it is) shafts different?

The guy I'm talking to about buying it and say all I will need is a 10 dollar gasket, in order to mount my tail cone to the transmission, and install it and I'm good to go.

My mechanic is saying no, it wont work.

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot or if it has been discussed before, used search, but there were post talking about different year trucks and transmissions

Thank you guys in advance!
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