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Disclaimer: This should make you fail emissions testing.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's move on to what the emissions system does. The emissions system, in conjunction with the oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, IAC, AIR Pump, and the PCM all control how much fuel is being used, regulates the fuel, and adds air into the exhaust making the emissions cleaner.

However, removal of the vacuum system, for the most part, can greatly help find vacuum leaks and may increase your horsepower, however the slightest bit, but doubtful.

I usually remove as many vacuum lines as possible for the first reason, but my next reason is to give the engine bay a much cleaner look. The less broken hoses, messy sensors, and pointless AIR Pump the better.

Unfortunately I could not completely remove the EGR Valve due to not having a block off plate on hand. Should be relatively easy to make however, unless there is one for sale out there.

Here's the diagram for a standard 1991 Dakota with the 3.9 and all the emissions system.

All the hoses in red, along with their connected valves and sensors will be removed.

This is the system will all unnecessary emissions removed.

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