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What is the Meet in the Mountains?

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What is the Meet in the Mountains?

The Meet in the Mountains is a family event. Until this year, it has been an annual event held in June in Gatlinburg, TN. As of 2014, this is a biennial event (every other year) and we will probably move to Pigeon Forge, TN. It's the same general area with more options for hotels, places for our group dinners, reception, etc.

We like to refer to the Meet in the Mountains as a family reunion. It's open to members of all Mopar forumZ on this network. We have a car show and other car-related events but that's not the main reason we continue to go each year. We enjoy getting together and hanging out with friends. It's a chance to meet the people that we "talk" to online every day. Some of our children met at this event and look forward to seeing each other every year also. We've watched them grow up long distance.

Gatty started on the Charger side in 2008. It branched out to the other forumZ on the network. We usually have members with 300s, Chargers, Challengers, Magnums and Rams with an occasional Caliber, Avenger, Jeep, or Nitro. In 2016, we would love to see all of our Mopar forumZ well represented.

There's usually a group hotel. In the evenings, you'll find everyone hanging out in the parking lot. If you would rather stay somewhere else, there are plenty of other hotels and cabins in the area.

Here's an idea of the activities:
Group Breakfast
Welcome Reception
Police Escorted Cruise through town
Optional Tail of the Dragon
Car/Truck Show at Smokies Park
Group dinner
Awards Lunch
Go Carts
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